Monday, December 19, 2005

Is it a TV remote or a rocket launcher

If Santa brings a new TV down your chimney this holiday season, you'd better hope he leaves behind a couple of expert elves to help you use your new toy. Unless of course, you happen to be in the very small minority of consumers who completely understand the "codes, aspect ratios, guides, inputs and cyclone sounds" - which are just some of the features on today's TV's and remote control devices.

If you are scratching your head and wondering, when did watching television become rocket science, you're not alone. Kenneth Gassman, Customer Service Director for Miracle Remotes, LLC says, "There are countless functions on TV's and remote controls made in the past several years that no one understands or even wants. For instance, on some new LCD TV's there is a button on the remote that allows you to flip your picture upside down. Are there that many people who watch TV while standing on their head that we need this feature?"

Fast forward to the future, you finally learn how to use most of the important features on your remote and then it gets lost, broken or the dog eats it. Now you have a new problem, finding a replacement remote. Gassman knows first hand the frustrations created by all of this technology madness. His company, Miracle Remotes LLC, handles endless calls from puzzled, irritated consumers in search of the same miracle - a replacement remote that works like the original did - without requiring a degree from M.I.T. to program and use it.

"Retail stores can't carry original remotes since there are thousands of models plus the originals are expensive. For lack of a better option consumers usually purchase universal remotes when they need replacements. Unfortunately, they end up frustrated after realizing universals are very confusing to program, and don't provide all the features required," Gassman explains. "Only basic functions are found on the front of the TV panel. Without the original remote you can't activate features like channel auto programming or access your DVD or game inputs on many sets. Other functions like changing the picture size on newer TV's, are also impossible to work with universal remotes. Then there's the issue of programming codes and instruction manuals almost as long as a novel. Some universals literally need to be connected to the Internet to be programmed. Technology that was supposed to make our lives easier leaves many consumers totally bewildered."

To try to simplify matters and address the need for easy to use full function replacement remotes, Miracle Remotes LLC has introduced The Miracle Remote Series. All the customer has to do is put in batteries, no programming, no codes, The Miracle Remote just works! Each remote is designed to work just one specific TV brand. Plus, The Miracle Remote operates just like the original and can operate all the key features on TV's made from 1988 to the present. The remotes also include improvements for ease of use, such as frequently used buttons being larger and placed at the top of the unit. With eight different models offered, there is a Miracle Remote available to control most major brand TV's.

So the next time you are longing for simple technology that doesn't require standing on your head, go to and check out the Miracle Remote. As Kenneth Gassman likes to say, "When it's easy to use, it's a Miracle!"


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