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Introduction For MR140

Thank you for purchasing Dynatron’s Miracle Remote. This remote will actually allow you to operate most if not all of the features found on your TV, just like your original remote! It is amazingly simple to use. Remember our slogan: No Programming, No Codes, It Just Works! Just remember to put in batteries! The operating instructions are listed below. You should consult your TV owner’s manual for additional information on operating specific functions.

Also remember this is a TV only remote: it will not operate other devices such as a DVD or VCR, nor will it operate features not found on your original remote control.

Operating Instructions

This remote is designed to operate most JVC® televisions. For the common features, please see the back of the package. Only the more complicated features and features with alternate names will be discussed below.
The PREVIOUS CHANNEL is also known as the RETURN key and allows you to go back to the last channel.
The TV/VIDEO* is the input button for DVD, VCR and games.
This remote has two MENU keys: MENU 1 and MENU 2: select one MENU key, if that doesn’t work than your TV uses the other MENU key.
MENU 1 operates with CH+/- and VOL+/-. The CH+/- allows you to scroll up and down. The VOL+/- allows you to scroll left and right. MENU 2 operates using the 4 arrow keys to navigate on screen menus. The ENTER key allows you to select a Menu function. Most TV adjustments and channel auto programming are done through the menu.
The AUDIO* key is for sound adjustment and is used by pressing repeatedly to select a mode. On some TV’s this feature is found in the set-up menu.
The VIDEO* key is for picture mode and is operated with the arrow keys; however, on many sets this feature is accessed through the MENU.
EXIT allows you to exit a function. (On some sets this also exits the PIP)
SLEEP* turns the TV off in 15,30,45,60,90, or 120 minutes. Keep pressing the SLEEP button to cancel. This feature maybe accessed through the menu.
DISPLAY shows Channel information.
RESET allows you to return to original factory settings, but you have to be in the MENU for this to operate.
CC*or close caption operates with the arrow keys or CH+/- and VOL+/-. On some TV’s CC is found in the MENU system.
The PIP Window* keys operate most features like your original TV remote.
Please, remember if you don’t have a dual tuner TV you will need to utilize your VCR tuner. Please reference your owner’s manual for complete hookup instruction.
On some TV’s PIP is turned off with the EXIT key and on other TV’s you use PIP ON/OFF to accomplish this. The MOVE* function is also known as POSITION. On some models MOVE can be operated by pressing ON/OFF repeatedly. Also on certain newer TV’s the FREEZE key actually turns PIP on.
Just a reminder that certain PIP functions (such as move) or any function not found on your original TV remote will not work.
For more detailed information on specialized PIP features and all other features please refer to owner’s manual.
NOTE: Not every button will work on every TV.
For additional information visit us online at www.miracleremote.com

* Any function not found on your original TV remote will not work.

JVC® is a registered trademark of the Victor Company of Japan, Limited. This is not an original JVC® product.